Saturday, September 3, 2016

59 Days Out.....

There are 59 days until the Wine and Dine Lumiere's Challenge begins. Or 59 days for my untrained butt to get back into shape depending on how you look at it.
Spending 45+ hours a week at the office has been killing me. I get home and curl up in bed, or I go right to the barn from work, meaning I have fallen extremely far behind on my training for any of the upcoming races I have. I'm either going to humiliate myself at the Wine and Dine, or I can get myself into shape and accept that this will be a race for the experience and not for the time.

So this morning I got up and ran a solid 4 miles at Crane's Roost in Altamonte Springs.

This place is always under construction
While I'm not happy that it took me 50 minutes to complete 4 miles, I am happy that I completed those 4 miles and restarted my half marathon training!

I not only forgot to him the start button after stopping at a water fountain, but I also have an extremely interesting running playlist. 
The goal from here is to keep up with the training program, and build my endurance as much as I can. The plan was always to take the 10K slow and enjoy the experience, but if I have to take the half marathon slow then I can accept that.

It was hot out and I got extremely gross, extremely fast
To be completely honest, I seem to have really screwed up my training for all of the Disney half marathons. Since I left Running Depot I have found it hard to stick to a program, and extremely lonely. But, my life is far too busy at the moment to find a running group down here. So far I've got the pony, Florida Freewheelers, dance classes, work, and learning how to sew eating up my time. Hopefully in the near future I'll be able to manage my time better and find a club to run with.

Bailey was a bit confused about why I was laying on the floor and what the heck this thing is
Speaking of sewing.....

I had planned to share a sewing project with you tonight! But this happened......

I still don't know how I pulled this one off
For the next three hours...... After a few hours of screwing around with the machine, and basically having a major hissy fit, I managed to figure out what I was doing wrong. Which is basically everything. 
Cali knew I was getting pissed and decided to cuddle to make me feel better!
So, now I'm extremely pissed with the project and taking a break until tomorrow. In the meantime, enjoy a preview of the fabric! Hopefully tomorrow goes by quickly and I can get this finished! It is supposed to be a simple beginner project after all! 

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