Monday, January 1, 2018

2018 Goals

I was lucky enough to ring in this new year at Manager’s house again. It was fun ending 2017 the same way I welcomed it!

The following are my top three 2018 goals, for each focus. Some of these are going to require a lot of work, while others should be easily mastered.

  • Re-break 30 minutes for the 5k
    • I majorly slacked on my speed work this year. As a result, my 5k time suffered. I know I have a consist sub-30 5k in me, I just need to put the training time in and actually focus on keeping that time consistent. 
  • PR my 10k 
    • My idea PR for the 10k is sub-60. During the Pancake 10k, I felt like I had the ability to complete that goal. But I didn't have the training behind me. 
  • Maintain consistency
    • As the two goals above reflect, my consistency with training this year was horrible. I skipped runs and didn't complete any speed work during the second half of the year. Both the above goals are completely possible if I maintain my training and actually work at improving. This year I need to focus on speed work and hill training to rebuild the endurance I was once capable of. 
  • Attend a show
    • After our barn switch, Cupid and I stopped attending shows and focused on going back to basics. My original hope had been to show her in the long stirrup or beginner hunter classes this year but after reflecting on everything I've decided to lower my expectations. As a coming 6-year old, who has finally started working correctly, I would rather take it slow and show in the pre-long stirrup classes.
  • Master our simple changes
    • Cupid has auto changed for me in the past but I want to really spend time this year and teach her the cues for simple changes. In order to step up into the long stirrup classes, we'll need to be prepared with a solid simple change. 
  • Complete a dressage test
    • I never imagined I would want to try a dressage test, but after working with our current trainer, I am chomping at the bit to attempt one. I've been working on a lot of into level dressage skills with Cupid and want feedback, outside of my trainer, on our progress. 
  • Clear my GoodReads Currently Reading list
    • There are currently 24 books on my Currently Reading list and probably about 5 of them are on my Kindle or in my house. Some of these books have been sitting there for ages and it is probably time to finish them (or actually start reading them).
  • Read 100+ books
    • This is the same total goal that I had last year. If I don't set the bar high then I won't have the motivation to reach it. 
  • Review at least 12 books 
    • The point on this blog was to also review books I love or hate. I failed on this focus but hope to put at least one book review a month on this blog. I promise to keep them honest and as spoiler free as possible. 
  • Master my scales, on the flute, at quarter = 104
    • I used to be the scale queen. I knew every minor and every major scale and could do them quickly and clearly. But it's been years since I took the time to actually play and work on improving my scales. A huge goal for 2018 would be to remaster the major scales, in eighth notes, at quarter note = 104. This includes two octaves for every scale, with each note sounding clear, and various articulations. 
  • Become confident on the bari sax
    • Basically, I'd love to be able to play the bari without feeling like I'm going to pass out from the amount of air required, or die because it's caused a killer migraine. I've debated about playing it for one of the choir orchestras but we'll have to see my confidence level!
  • Feel confident with all the orchestra pieces
    • This is a bit of a strange goal. I've been able to play all of the orchestra pieces from 2017, but I have not been 100% confident with several of them when concert time rolled around. This year I want to actually feel confident on all the selections and put extra work into the ones that require it. 

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