Thursday, January 21, 2016

LUSH's Oatifix Fresh Face Mask and Full of Grace Serum

With the temperatures dropping and the winds getting harsher I've found my skin drying out much quicker than normally. In an effort to fix this and help my poor skin recover without putting too much junk on it I visited my favorite natural beauty store, LUSH. After looking at the other products offered I settled on the Oatifix Fresh Face Mask and the Full of Grace serum. My decision to get these two products was supported by my love for LUSH's face masks, and the serum can pack that little extra kick my face needs for moisture. 

It should be noted that these items can be used separately but I prefer to use them together, because I feel the serum opens up my pores to receive the masks better.

How I'll use these products is, after washing my face, I'll apply the Full of Grace by rubbing the bar directly on my face, then I'll massage the resulting serum into my skin. Immediately after massaging the serum, I apply the Oatifix Fresh Face Mask. After letting this combination sit for 10-15 minutes (or more if I get distracted), I then remove the mask using warm water and a washcloth. An important thing to note is that you shouldn't scrub with the washcloth but you should gently massage the mask off. 

Oatifix Fresh Face Mask
Scent: I found this mask to smell a bit like banana nut oatmeal. It is a soft refreshing scent that I did not find overpowering. It should be noted that I was aware of the scent the whole time I wore the mask.

Texture: This mask has a very thick texture that I found a bit difficult to spread. To get this to spread consistently I had to apply it in a circular motion, which probably helps with the light exfoliation it provides.

Result: My skin felt smooth, moisturized, and did not feel as tight as it did before I applied the mask. 

Packaging: This mask is sold in the traditional black pots that other LUSH products comes in. I feel that though the size of the pot is quite small I will easily be able to get 4 or more applications from it.

Notes: Like all LUSH Fresh Face Masks Oatifix must be refrigerated and it does have a short shelf life. If you use this product consistently though I do not believe there will be an issue with using this in time. 

Verdict: I would repurchase.

Full of Grace Serum
Scent: This has a light, soapy scent that I did not find overwhelming and did not notice once it was applied on my face. 

Texture: The bar itself is extremely smooth. When it is slightly melted it becomes an oil/serum like product that glides easily onto the face and is absorbed quickly. 

Result: I found this left my skin smooth and helped it absorb the face mask better.

Packaging: When bought directly from the LUSH store this is stored in a small paper bag. I have stored this in my bathroom drawer in just the bag, but I have also bought the tins that LUSH sells and currently store it in that. Overall I haven't noticed a difference when storing it in the tin vs. the bag. I just find the tin adorable. 

Notes: This product will melt if exposed to heat. I typically store it in my refrigerator in the summer to be on the safe side, but my current bar has done just fine sitting in my bathroom drawer. It also tends to give my face a greasy shine for an hour or so. 

Verdict: I would repurchase. 

So have any of you tried the Oatifix Fresh Face Mask or Full of Grace Serum? If so what did you think of it?

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