Sunday, January 17, 2016

New Year, New Experiences

This may be a day late (or 17, whoops), but I figure it's better late than never! Plus, as you'll see further down, I had to wait to make any type of formal announcement about my new year.

So, without any further delay, here are 5 things you can expect to see from me in this coming year.

1) More races.
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This coming year I have several races planned, with the goal of running one race every month (excluding January). My main goal is to run a strong 5k and keep my time below 30 minutes, currently I'm averaging around 28 minutes. I would also like to run a few more half marathons and possibly a race on the beach. I have updated my race schedule tab with the upcoming races and my updated PRs.

2) Dressage lessons.
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One of the main items on my must have list for the new barn is access to dressage lessons. I feel like my flatwork needs a lot of help and I'm hoping that by taking dressage lessons I will be able to build a stronger foundation. I might keep up my Hunter/Jumper lessons but right now that will not be my main focus. Ideally I will be able to try a dressage show or two, even if it is just a walk/trot test.

3) Actually finishing and reviewing books.
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This past year I have read and finished several books but I never finished any written reviews on them. I entered the 2016 Goodreads Reading Challenge with the goal of 100 books, currently I have started 4 different books and finished 0. I'm already off to a great start.

4) More adventures.
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Because I'll be more independent and more accessible to my friends I fully intend on forcing them on adventures. Several items I have planned are exploring the new area, attending an away football game for my Alma mater, and learning how to live on my own.

Which leads me to the most interesting part of my year........

5) Successfully move to Florida.
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In a few weeks I'll be leaving my small town, in Northern Illinois, and moving back down south to the Orlando, FL area. This move marks the first time I won't have roommates, the first time I will be 100% financially responsible for myself, and the first time I have ever had to make all the decisions about my living arrangement. I am extremely excited because I'll be moving back with all my friends and I won't have to endure any more Midwestern winters!

This move involves a new job at a new company, which involved a huge milestone in my life. Interviewing for a job, while being employed by another company, then having to resign from my current company. If that doesn't sound extremely stressful then take my word for it, it was a headache and a half.

In the coming weeks, while I pack and prepare, I fully intend on keeping everyone updated about the move and the various components that make up the experience.

Wish me luck!

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