Saturday, June 20, 2015

Book Review: Girl Runner by Carrie Snyder

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Girl Runner is a strong contender for my favorite new book of the summer. It is the story of a former Olympic runner, Aggie, and her life. From the title you would expect it to be strictly about Aggie’s running career, but it evolves into so much more. This story shows how running impacts Aggie’s everyday life, provides her an escape, and makes her the woman who narrates the story.

One thing that I did find slightly disappointing, but did not detract from the story, was that the Olympics are mentioned very briefly. I had thought there would be this whole big section dedicated to it, but in reality there is a few chapters that deal with the Olympics while the rest focus on the pre and post race events. Though, in retrospect this could be seen as how some things happen briefly but make a huge impact on an individuals life. 

This book caused me to feel a range of emotions from cheering Aggie on to anger at some of the events that Aggie encounters. I would recommend this to everyone from runners, to those that cringe at the thought of running.

Ms. Snyder is an author who I would expect great things from in the future. 

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