Saturday, June 20, 2015

Half Marathon Training Begins

Life loves to get in the way of plans and dreams. You plan on one thing and the complete opposite of your plan will happen. Such as planning to move back to the state you love, but life decides to have you to stay in your hometown. When I lived in FL I had a group that I would run with, I had people who would encourage me and help me achieve my goals. Moving back to IL I suddenly found myself alone; no friends to run with, no one to encourage me or help me train. Long story short, being a runner without a support group isn’t fun. So, when I was in my local running store getting fitted for a new pair of shoes, I jumped at the chance to participate in a Half Marathon training group.

The 12-week training group is hosted by The Running Depot in Crystal Lake, IL, and consists of two group runs (Wednesday and Saturday) and about three solo runs with suggestions about cross training on “rest days”. There are also weekly motivational emails and five informational sessions covering various topics. What I already like about this program is that there is a run group and a run/walk group. The “goal race” is the Crystal Lake HalfMarathon, with the Fort2Base being a “training race” towards the end of the program.

Today was the first day of the program (aside from an information meeting on Thursday night). Initially, I intended to participate in the run group, but after some soul searching on the drive over I decided that doing the run/walk group would be a better choice for my first half. The last thing I want to do is injure myself and potentially lose the chance at a race I have planned for February.

The group consists of individuals of all ages and paces. Today, as a way to determine where everyone is at in their training my group did a 3/2 run/walk and averaged a 14’27” pace.
Fitbit stats from the run

This pace is considerably slower than my normal 10:30 pace, but I figure I can always jump to the training group if necessary. Feel free to laugh, I know I’m relatively slow.

Overall, I’m super excited to participate in this group and can’t wait to do my first half with them!

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