Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Bok Tower Gardens and NYX Lippie Countdown Day Thirteen

Today, I celebrated my final day of my vacation by going to Bok Tower Gardens. This is a location that I have been meaning to visit for a long time.

Bok Tower Gardens was donated to the American people in 1929 by Edward Bok, an author and one of the original editors of the Ladies' Home Journal. The gardens are laid out in several different sections including a children's garden, edible garden, endangered plant garden, wetland, and several ponds and reflecting pools.
The highlight of the gardens was the Singing Tower. The Carillon is not an instrument that I am actively familiar with or have had the opportunity to experience. Sitting and listening to the concert performed on the carillon was an amazing experience. I was able to snag a spot by the screen that allowed me to view the carillonneur as he performed his art. It amazed me that carillonneurs have to use both their hands and feet to perform on the carillon. The amount of talent that requires simply blows my mind. I look forward to going back to the Tower and experiencing another performance.
From the Singing Tower, I headed over to the Pinewood Estate. Initially, I believed that the estate belonged to Edward Bok which isn't actually the case. Instead, the estate was the winter home of Charles Austin Buck, a Bethlehem Steel Vice President. In 1970, the estate was obtained by Bok Tower Gardens and added to the areas that visitors could tour. While I did not go into the house, I did walk the grounds and admire the Christmas Tree. My favorite part of the estate was a small pond with a waterfall just off the main entrance. This area begged to have you curl up with a book and a cup of tea.

Overall, I loved the Bok Tower Gardens and fully intend on going back. Because I could apply my admission price from today to an annual pass, I may or may not have purchased one! I promise next time I'll get more, and better, pictures.

Today's color preview made me extremely nervous. It appeared to be a red/brown and I was not cool with that.
After opening it, I was pleased to see that it was from the NYX Liquid Suede collection and was actually a purple/brown which is much more doable for me.
This color is called Vintage which made me smile when I first saw it.
Vintage applied nicely but did settle into the lines on my lips fairly quickly. It didn't look half bad but was not a good color for my skin tone. It's a bit too dark for me but not bad enough to where I couldn't pull it off. Honestly, I would not hesitate to wear this again. Providing it is not in a professional setting. If this color seems like something you would like the I would definitely test it out!

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