Saturday, December 9, 2017

NYX Lippie Countdown Day Nine

It’s official. For me, this is the craziest week in December. Between work, making sure Cupid gets worked properly, making sure the cats receive adequate attention and remembering to get to the orchestra concert on time, I am officially a chicken without its head. Because of this, I do apologize but today you’ll be left with only my feedback on the NYX Lippie Countdown day nine.

Before we get started with today’s color I figured I would share my social media accounts with you in case you wish to follow them. My Facebook for this page is Run, Ride, Read, Repeat. My Twitter is Equestrian Bookworm. My Instagram is Laura under @EquestrianBookworm. Finally, my Pinterest is Laura @RunRideRead. Feel free to follow me there and reach out if you’d like!

When I saw the tab for today I was extremely dismayed. It was another purple. It has been officially decided that I do not look good in purple.
Popping the tab revealed that this was from the NYX Matte lipstick collection, which I was pleased with on the first.
 This shade is called Up The Bass which is super cute and totally appropriate for the last night of Once Upon A Time.
It is a pretty shade but applies unevenly and requires two coats. This is a long wear lip color and only needed reapplication after eating.

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