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NYX Lippie Countdown Days Fifteen through Twenty-Four

I was doing so good, then suddenly I wasn't! I honestly did try to get all 24 days posted as I opened and used the colors. But life got in the way and suddenly I found myself with less and less time to write as Christmas got closer. In an effort to make it up to you, dear reader, here are days 16 through 24 from the NYX 2017 Calendar.

Day 15
The fifteenth color was a purple from the Butter Gloss collection.
The shade is called Raspberry Tart which made me smile.
Overall, I didn't hate this shade but I didn't love it. Because the Butter Gloss collection is simply a tinted lipgloss it wears off quickly. After a few reapplications, I found that I didn't want to keep trying to wear this shade. It's pretty, but the dark shade combined with the gloss feature was a turnoff for me.
Day 16
Color sixteen is from the NYX Lingerie collection (yay!), and it's a purple (not yay).
This shade is called Embellishment and it is not one that was included in the 2016 calendar, unlike the other Lingerie shades.
Embellishment applies nicely and looks a lot nicer out of the tube than in it. The shade is a purple-tinted nude that isn't too bold yet isn't too pale. There's more of a red undertone than blue which made this color a shade I can actually pull off! Like all Lingerie shades, this one does settle into lines but does last long with an application necessary after a meal. While I probably won't buy Embellishment again, I probably will continue to wear this shade until it runs out.
Day 17
Color seventeen is a red (yay!) from the SimplyRed line (double yay!).
The shade is Russian Roulette, which matches my initial impression. In the tube, this seems like a nice sassy red shade.
This color applies smoothly, yet is easy to color outside the lines with. Despite that, it cleans up nicely and feels almost invisible on your lips. It does wear off on various glasses and snacks but lasts long enough to only reapply every few hours. This color very well might appear on my favorites list from this calendar.
Day 18
Eighteen is a blue..... It's from the Liquid Suede collection which has been a success in the past, but it's a blue....
The shade is Stone Fox which seems appropriate for the color.
I'll be completely honest, I applied this shade then wiped it off 30 seconds later. It is far too dark and bold for my personality. The color did apply patchily but that could have been because my heart wasn't really into sampling this. I can guarantee that this shade will end up in the bottom of my lip color bag only to reemerge when it's time to purge the collection.
Days 13 through 18 Summary
Overall, my favorite shade from this section was color thirteen, Vintage. It has a long wearing power and a nice unique color.
My least favorite shade was easily Stone Fox. Worst color ever, for my skin tone and personality.

Day 19
Nineteen was from the NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream line which I have recently become obsessed with!
The shade is called Copenhagen and it's a deep plum shade.
I'm not in love with the shade and it isn't the best color for me, but with the right eye and contour it could actually be a fun party look! This is a long wear lip color and did need reapplication during the day. With the dark shade, it did require two coats for the initial application but it built nicely and did not appear cakey.
Day 20
Color twenty was from the NYX Matte Lipstick collection.
This is a fun blue-toned pink, named Shocking Pink.
I love this color. This is a shade for my personality and skin tone. It is a nice bold pink without being too shocking or overbearing. The application is nice, but the shade does require several reapplications during the day. Honestly, I am seriously considering wearing this color for New Year's Eve.
Day 21
The twenty-first color is from the Lingerie collection (which they must have really been trying to get rid of this year!).
The shade is Exotic and it was also one of the 2016 colors.
I loved this color last year and it was the first shade that I ran out of. Unfortunately, this year I either got a bad tube or the formula changed. It was oily and took more work to apply than I remember.
Day 22
Twenty-one is from the Butter Gloss collection so I instantly disliked it.
The shade is a pale pink/nude and called Tres Leches.
Despite my aversion to Butter Gloss I actually really liked this shade. It is extremely pigmented and applied really well. It lasted like a typical gloss but I didn't mind reapplying it because I was that in love with the shade. This might actually be a color I consider repurchasing!
Day 23
Another Butter Gloss for number twenty-three....
I had high hopes for this one because it's a hot pink titled Sugar Cookie.
Unfortunately, Sugar Cookie isn't as sweet as a cookie. The color was too bold and the gloss was too hard to apply evenly. This is another color I honestly didn't wear. I couldn't get it to apply and look good because the color kept running thin in spots or gathering in others. This was a big nope for me.
Day 24
Day twenty-four was another selection from the Butter Lipstick collection.
It's a mauve shade called Ripe Berry.
This applied nicely and actually looked good on me! It is not a long wear and did require several reapplications throughout the day, but it was worth it. This isn't a color I would normally wear but after trying it out I think it'll make a reemergence in my routine!
Days 19 through 24 Summary
I loved the shade from day twenty. This is hands down my favorite shade from this section, if not my favorite shade from the entire calendar. This color screamed my name and looked great on me!
My least favorite shade was day twenty-three. Between the gloss factor and the pigmentation, this was a horrible color. If it was a cream, then I would have probably loved it.

I love these Advent Calendars but did get a bit sick of having 24 different lip colors to try. The Butter Gloss was my least favorite collection and the Soft Matte Creams were my favorite. It was a fun experience and I look forward to using most of these colors in the coming year!

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